Some thanksgiving in October

It rained fiercely on the day of the Great Harvest, but everything else went without a hitch! We had more than 100 people attend, polished off about a dozen trays of delicious food, and raised more than $1,100 for the DC FoodFinder.

Be sure to read some great recaps of this launch event: from Kathleen on this blog, and also by Ed at The Slow Cook. And check out this video of the day, produced by Barrett Jones:

Let’s take this opportunity to thank some of the people who made it all possible.

First of all, the staff of the Big Bear Cafe provided us with the perfect venue and fantastic assistance (the Big Bear, incidentally, purchases its food from local sources, has its own garden in front of the cafe, and hosts a farmer’s market every Sunday).

DC Central Kitchen donated food and several raffle items. We also raffled a gift certificate donated by Barton Seaver for his Blue Ridge Restaurant. The Common Good City Farm — just up the street in Ledroit Park — also let us harvest in the morning, and sent over volunteers and speakers, too. The Timor Bodega around the corner generously donated to our well of drinks. And a huge thanks to all of our volunteer chefs (you can see Taw of Thai X-ing in the video above).

Truly a community effort — as perhaps best befits the business and pleasure of food.

We hope to host more DC Food For All feasts in the future. For now, stay tuned for daily posts here about local food issues – and in the meantime connect with us on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, if you’re interested in participating, join us on the DC Food For All google group.

Written by Greg Bloom

I work at Bread for the City, where I help edit Beyond Bread.

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