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Is Kaya Henderson Turning Out the Lights on D.C. School Food?

Henderson:Preparing meals is not a core competency for schools In a chilling rebuke, Chancellor Kaya Henderson has disavowed the ambitious plans for improved D.C. school food set forth by DCPS food services Director Jeffrey Mills and instead has ordered her staff to proceed immediately with a new contract to outsource cafeteria operations and try to [...]

Finally Revealed: Processed Food Rebates Dominate School Cafeterias

Chartwells gets big rebates serving meals like this By Ed Bruske aka The Slow Cook When  I first started writing about the food being served in my daughter’s elementary school cafeteria, I figured there had to be a reason children  were being fed Apple Jacks cereal, strawberry milk, Pop-Tarts, Giant Goldfish Grahams and Otis Spunkmeyer muffins for [...]

And Now for Some Good News About School Food: Breakfast in the Classroom

  Berkeley’s breakfast in a bin  By Ed Bruske aka The Slow Cook When I worked in Berkeley’s central school kitchen a year ago one of the things that impressed me most was something I’d never heard of before: breakfast served in the classroom.  Every morning at the crack of dawn we’d start loading plastic [...]

D.C. Schools Chancellor Defends Decision to Ditch Chocolate Milk

  Not coming back to D.C. schools By Ed Bruske aka The Slow Cook  D.C. Public Schools officials apparently have no intention of reinstating chocolate milk in local cafeterias despite a recent grilling by D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown and the pleadings of a first-grader who polled his fellow students.  In an e-mail to Brown [...]

Big Dairy Loves 7-Year-Old’s Take on Chocolate Milk, But He Needs a Fact Check

  By Ed Bruske aka The Slow Cook  The National Dairy Council is circulating the testimony of a first-grader at Lafayette Elementary School who told the D.C. Council kids aren’t drinking milk as much since chocolate milk was removed from the menu.  D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown last week grilled schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson on the [...]

In the Chocolate Milk Debate, It’s Me Against a 7-Year-Old

     By Ed Bruske aka The Slow Cook Suddenly a debate over chocolate milk in school is heating up in the pages of The Washington Post. Or should I say our hometown paper has finally noticed there’s a food revolution going on in D.C. school cafeterias now that a first-grader has polled his fellow [...]

D.C. Council Chair Would Have First-Graders Make School Food Policy, Reinstate Chocolate Milk

By Ed Bruske aka The Slow Cook D.C.Council Chairman Kwame Brown says he’s in possession of “research” conducted by a first-grade pupil that convinces him schools in the nation’s capitol should bring back chocolate milk. Brown made the remarks in an animated exchange last week with Kaya Henderson during hearings to consider her confirmation as schools chancellor. Saying a [...]

Something New in School Food: D.C. Central Kitchen’s Local Food Connection

By Ed Bruske The District of Columbia is about to embark on what may be the nation’s most unorthodox public school feeding program: meals from scratch using locally farmed ingredients and made by a charitable social service agency whose primary mission is feeding the homeless and teaching ex-offenders how to cook. Beginning next week, the agency in question–D.C. [...]